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Doggie Daycare Where You


Choose from Large group play (12-15 dogs), Small group play (3-4 dogs) or Private Play (staff only). 





Large Group Play:

N.Dallas location only offers Small and Private Play (see below)
Full Day
  1 Day
  10 Days
  25 Days
Under 30 Lbs.


  $220.00    $500.00
 Over 30 Lbs.


  $250.00   $575.00

Half Day*:

Under 30 Lbs.   $20.00
 Over 30 Lbs.    $22.00

* Up to 6 hours

The Boarding Bungalow offers indoor/outdoor "beach" areas where dogs can be dogs.   They enjoy playing ball, chasing each other and visiting our outside play areas.  We let all of our guests take a break/nap in the early afternoon so they have a chance to relax and eat lunch.  Then they are back out for more play time.  After spending the day in active play and socialization, you will bring home a happy, fulfilled dog whose behavior and demeanor will be what you need after your own active day.

Off -leash island is geared for dogs that understand pack play. They typically have laid back personalities and can engage/seperate on their own accord. Most "hyper" dogs do not understand "signals" yet and do better in Day-cations to expend bursts of energy and then learn to relax and repeat!

DOGGIE DAY-CATIONS  available at all four locations!

Enjoy doggie daycare with individualized attention and their own suite to relax in between their supervised playtimes. Our small play groups ( 2-4 pups*) are free to run, play, jump or just relax in our spacious exercise yards and play areas.

For the pup that gets along with humans better - they will enjoy just as many playtimes with one of our staff members as their companion.

At the “Bungalow” safety is our first priority. Our large outdoor, exercise yards and indoor playrooms are designed to allow your pets to enjoy an area where they can “unleash” yet not have to worry about getting lost in the crowd!

Day-Cation Rates:

 Suite Size
  1 Dog
  2 Dogs
  3 Dogs


The Boarding Bungalow is a good solution for day boarding if your dog:

  • Spends the day alone    
  • Suffers from separation anxiety 
  • Exhibits boredom leading to excess chewing, barking and digging 
  • Is overly enthusiastic or hyper 
  • Is an older pet with special medication** and dietary requirements 




Play dates must be canceled before 7:30am the day of expected arrival to avoid no show fee.

* Must give permission for group play on registration form. All group play dogs must be spayed or neutered. Actual number of private playtimes and walks will depend on occupancy. No less than six walks/playtimes will be given everyday.

** Medications: We do not allow pets on medications that require an injection. The illness’ related to these medications require a veterinarian’s care should any complications arise. 

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