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At the “Bungalow” safety is our first priority. Our exercise yards are designed to allow your pets to enjoy an area where they can “unleash” without worrying about getting lost in the crowd! They are free to run, play, jump or just relax during their supervised playtime. You pick large group play*, small group play or private play!

In addition, we don’t just walk your dogs three or four times a day. They enjoy a constant rotation of walks throughout the day in our outdoor exercise areas complete with a forever grass! We also, realize your dogs aren’t on a normal business day schedule so we have staff on property even after hours. 


   Amenities Include:

              • Late night walks (btw. 9-10pm)
              • Indoor/outdoor play areas
              • Open 7 days a week
              • Daily appetite and elimination reports
              • Room service/disinfecting daily
              • Spa baths avialable
              • Bungalow beds (if desired)
              • Daily "Yappy Hours" (treat time - if approved)
              • Lots and lots of belly rubs                                                                                
  * Additional fees apply.

Overnight Rates:

Check-ins before 11:00am and/or check-outs after 1:00pm will incur an additional half-day fee.

Suite Size 1 Dog 2 Dogs 3 Dogs

Small Loft(16 sq. ft.)

Small (16 sq. ft.)

$38.00  $58.00 $75.00

Medium (25 sq. ft)

$50.00 $75.00 $95.00

Large (45 sq. ft.)

$62.00 $92.00 $115.00

XL Large (80 sq. ft.)

 $88.00  $112.00  $135.00


  Please Note: We suggest owners bring their own food to avoid digestion problems and upset stomachs

Medications: We do not allow pets on medications that require an injection. The illness’ related to these medications require a veterinarian’s care should any complications arise.

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